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Love. Write. Feed. This holiday season, WeddingWire will donate $1 for every vendor review written. Love your Vendors - Write a Review - Feed a Neighbor.
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Depending on your location, our donation will go to one of our regional food bank partners.
Join us as we hope to feed over 40,000 people nationwide!* West Midwest Northeast Midatlantic South
  • Westside Food Bank
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Food Bank for New York City -
  • Capital Area Food Bank - a division of Feeding America
  • Feeding South Florida - Changing Lives, One Meal At A Time
*Our maximum donation goal is $10,000. By contributing our goal amount, we'll be able to donate 41,600 meals
across our network of Food Bank Partners. On average, we'll donate 4 meals per review written.