How It Works

  • Connect Instantly

    When a couple leaves a phone number in the contact form on your Storefront, we will instantly call you and offer to connect you with that couple.

  • Get Notified

    If a couple doesn’t leave a phone number in the contact form, we’ll send you a text message with their info.

  • Track Calls

    Your Unique WeddingWire phone number is displayed on your Storefront and allows you to view and track your phone leads in your account.

Complete Customization

All Premium WeddingWire members automatically receive Quick Leads.

Want to change your Unique WeddingWire phone number or add a mobile number to receive text notifications? It’s easy! Simply visit your Quick Leads settings and update your information.

Customize Quick Leads » *you must opt in to receive text notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Quick Leads?

    Quick Leads is the newest feature from WeddingWire. Available to all premium vendors, Quick Leads allows you to instantly connect when couples and clients inquire about your services.

  2. What number will appear on my Storefront once I enable Quick Leads?

    When you enable Quick Leads, your unique WeddingWire phone number will appear on your Storefront in place of your business number. All calls made to this number will be forwarded immediately to your business number, and you will be able able to track all calls in your WeddingWire account.

  3. Can I remove the unique WeddingWire phone number from my Storefront? I want the number that appears to be my business number.

    Yes, you can remove your unique WeddingWire phone number that you’ve been assigned; however, by doing so, you will lose all of the great features that are part of Quick Leads. You will no longer receive text and phone notifications for your leads, and you also won’t be able to track the phone calls you receive from prospective clients. If you still would like to remove the phone number and deactivate Quick Leads, you can do so within the Quick Leads settings in your WeddingWire account.

  4. Will I receive a phone call and an SMS text message every time I get a new lead?

    No. You should receive only one or the other. If a prospective client enters their phone number on the lead form, we will call you and give you the option to instantly connect with the client by phone. In this case, a SMS text message will not be sent. If we are unable to reach you by phone, we will send you a SMS text message with the prospective client’s contact information so you can follow up with him or her as soon as possible.

  5. Does this affect my SEO?

    No. Quick Leads uses dynamic number insertion to change your business phone number into your unique WeddingWire number on your Storefront. This means that Google and other search engines will only see your actual business phone number when they crawl your Storefront.

  6. Will couples and potential clients know that I have Quick Leads?

    No. There will be no indication that you have Quick Leads enabled from a consumer perspective. When a consumer submits a lead that includes their phone number, they will not know that WeddingWire has reached out to offer to connect you with them. From the consumer perspective, it will appear that your business is just very good at responding to their request.

  7. If I do not enable Quick Leads, will I still get an email notifying me of new leads?

    Yes. You will always receive the email notification – and the mobile push notification if you have the Clients App – when you receive a new lead.

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