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500 Level Rated badge

You work hard to obtain good reviews and we want to ensure you get to showcase your accomplishments!

WeddingWire Rated™ now instantly recognizes your commitment to collecting feedback from your clients on an ongoing basis. As you continue to build more reviews, you will earn higher badge levels to show off those great ratings!

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About WeddingWire RatedTM

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Get rewarded for collecting reviews

It's simple! The more reviews you collect, the higher your WeddingWire Rated™ status. WeddingWire members with a minimum average rating of 3.5 will earn an updated badge when they reach the 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500+ review level.

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Earn your badge right on the spot

WeddingWire Rated™ badges are awarded on an ongoing basis, which means at the moment you achieve the next level, you’ll get instant access to your new badge, plus a suite of marketing materials to generate buzz about your business!

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Dynamically showcase your reviews

Our new WeddingWire Rated™ badge, will automatically update to reflect the number of wedding reviews you receive on WeddingWire. Wherever you add your badge, potential clients will always see your most current number of reviews!

How do I reach the next level?

Every new wedding review you receive takes you one step closer to the next level! Reference the Rated progress tracker below to see how you can work your way towards our most prestigious recognition, the 500 Review level, by collecting more reviews.

WeddingWire Rated 3 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 10 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 25 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 50 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 100 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 250 Reviews Badge
WeddingWire Rated 500 Reviews Badge


Click and slide the scale to see each badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become WeddingWire Rated™?
Vendors who maintain a 3.5 overall rating and receive three or more wedding reviews are eligible for the WeddingWire Rated™ award.
What are the different WeddingWire Rated™ levels?
WeddingWire members will receive a new WeddingWire Rated™ badge each time they reach a new review level. Badges are currently issued at 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 reviews.
Do I need to be a premium WeddingWire member in order to be WeddingWire Rated™?
Your membership status is not considered to be WeddingWire Rated™. The award is designed to recognize all vendors committed to collecting feedback from their clients.
How do I get the badge?
Once you achieve a new level, the color of the WeddingWire Rated™ badge will automatically update within your account as well as anywhere you've added the badge with the custom HTML code provided, such as your website or blog. You will receive an email notification with details when you reach each new level.